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The Message Of Chairman Of Executive Board

Marmara Engineering & Construction Inc. Co. established in 1993, in 21 years period, it has initiated important projects in engineering, construction, substructure, landscaping, mapping and public works. It has maintained its professional discipline and ethical values while completing high quality projects that render service to society.As the founder of this company, I feel proud that it has created ideal solutions that meet the expectation so four customers and provided employment to so many people in their completion.

Right from its foundation in 2004, our Company has gained as teady momentum with it sever expanding performance and has won trust for its public services, thus allowing me to takeup the mission of putting myself forward as a candidate and eventually being elected as the mayor of the township Beylikdüzü/İstanbul. Throughout my time as the mayor of Beylikdüzü, Icherished the principle of “Service to men is Service to God,” to strive torender better services leaving commercial cares aside. Consentrating on the ethical principle of not mixing public works with private enterprise, our Company took a break from works in 2004 for five years, and conducted no construction works until 2009. During my sacred service as amayor, I was responsible for the construction of worksof schools, public works, hospitals, healthcare centers, sports facilities, parks, roads, public markets, social centers, cultural centers and dormitories, reaching a total of 136 public works in the service of the people. During this term I carried out my responsibilities successfully, and turned the prevalent economic recession and losses in to profit and joy to my fellow men.

Following the social service management, in order to academically support my knowledge and expertise in the engineering and construction sector, I took up doctoral studies. In addition, I gained strengthin 2010 froma strong team and adopted a new understing that is building new cities vision in order to proceed with a yet stauncher perspective. Our mission of service is based on quarter of a century’s experience, our solid principles, universal values, clear vision toward the future, and our understanding of modern requirements. We continueon our path with our staff of specialist architects, civil engineers, mapping engineers and civil planners as well as, of course, our valuable friends that have always supported us.

Deriving our strength from those hundreds of projects we completed during the timespan of a quarter of a century and the public services we accomplished, we are now attempting to startin Iraq, all the infrastructure, schools, health facilities, shopping centers, police stations, mosque sandsall areas of service which is a satellite city projects in different regions of the world dreams of continuing the growth and planning. The essence of our organizational policy is to produce living quarters and cities in which one can live under the light of esthetic, ergonomic andfunctional architectural applications reflecting customer satisfaction and sharing synergy in order to reach maximum performance.

Best regards...

Chairman of the Executive Board
MarmaraEngineering & Construction Inc. Co.
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